Favorite Blog Award

Please be kind with my English – you may name it: BrokenEnglish 😉 If there is a really bad mistake, PLEASE let me know!!!

Favorite Blog Award!? ME??!?

Uff, now I am a little bit speechless…I just feel as if I should call somebody: “I am nominated!!! For the “Favorite Blog Award”!!!“ Wow. Ok. Ok. Wow. Take a deeeeeep breath.

What is the “Favorite Blog Award”??

(Actually is it called “Liebster Blog Award”, but this is Denglisch – German and Englisch…and…ja…I like it more this way…if there would be a problem, PLEASE let me know!)

The “Favorite Blog Award” is for the connection between blogs (you like to read) and to give new blogs the opportunity to get more known on the internet. Also it is pimped with eleven questions to get to know the bloggers a little more personal. Which may then turn into eleven new questions and other favorite blog nominations?

Like the well-known chain letter, but – as I think – more exciting, interesting, funny and more meaningful.

Sooooo, now on Monday Stefan from NordicWannabe nominated me for this award! WHAT!?!?

Thank you for allowing me to join in!

Ok, nu kör vi! [Let’s go]

1. Describe your blog in a sentence.

My blog is intended for all who are interested in how Sweden tastes, what it is like to live in Sweden, what does Sweden look like, and how does Swedish sound – everything that goes straight into my and into your Swedish heart.

2. What makes blog successful for you?

I think a successful blog I successful when somebody reads it. It does not matter how many: It may be only one person or even a million.

A blog should be honest. I would like to recognize in the articles that the author shares his or hers interest with the world.

My first personal success was when I had my first page visitor and I was absolute happy after my first comment. 😉 And now this Award…I am very curious to see where this journey is going to!!

3. What is your favorite show on TV?

Ups, do I want to be honest?? 😉 1. I Have almost every film of “Beck” and 2. also every episode of “Girlmore Girls”. 3. I am waiting for the new season of “House of Cards” and 4. I love (this I girly, I know!) these doctor-McDreamy-you-can-save-the-whole-world-thing! Ok, let’s forget it now.

4. How much time do you put in your blog per week?

Hm, a bit. Actually, there are every time coming ideas up in my head, but these want to be written and over written, you want to sleep over it, make a different layout, write the post again and answer comments. I don’t count the hours because I like it.

5. Whould you start again a blog and why?

I do not plan to stop my present blog!

6. What do your friends say about your blog?

I think that they are happy when I am. Otherwise, I hope that they say always the truth.

7. How important is social media for your blog?

I am not really interested in if it is sooo important for my blog. But I am interested myself in these different possibilities how the network on the internet works. I try a lot – like Facebook & Co.

8. Steak or vegetarian?

This year I have said no to steak until Easter. I was really easy, but I have to say that I like both!

9. The weekend I like to spend with …?


10. “Learning by doing” or “tutorials”?

Most of the times (!) “Learning by doing”, but sometimes I do “learning by doing” during a “video tutorial”, most when I am knitting or baking.

(If you are wondering: Where is question no. 11? It was about stupid German grammatical things…just forget it)

Uih, it was not that simple to answer the questions (and to translate it in English!!). BUT now I would like to nominate some other blogs. The Favorite Blog Award goes to….drums please…..

1. Sunray and theorganizedcardigan.de

It’s about Living, Lifestyle and Fashion. The lovely cardigan-friend likes organization and minimalism. Sunray has a lot of everyday-tips and –tricks. For example are my Tesarol (do not know what it is called in English, shame on me! It is something to glue with…argh) – but my Tesa-glue-something-rol and I are friends again.

Most of her articles are written in English, too. So, have absolutely a look!!

2. Petra and meintellerrand.com

Petra comes from South Tyrol, has a passion for travel and for people. She writes also about food and foodinolerances. Her blog is so ful of life and funny – you may have the feeling that you just sit next to her with a cup of coffee. And sometimes, when you read her pots, I swear, you can hear her laughing. Check it out (in German)

3. vyseofhr and brokenswenglish.wordpress.com

vyseofhr ist my first-found-by-myself-friend here in Sweden. A fellow – like me he took the challenge to move to Småland. Now on brokenswenglish he writes about his life with his family, his experiences, job hunting and about Swedish language, pimped with some lovely photos – all in English

4. Nicole and komsikomsii.wordpress.com

Nicole said “Goodbye” to this great city Hamburg and “Hello!” to these many beautiful mountains, lakes and forests in Sweden. She has been living here for some years now – first in Småland, then in Södermanland and now in västernorrland – upupupup! And now she writes about her life! You should read her blog! (in German)

Congratulations to all of you! I hope you all like to join these Favorite Blog Award and that you have fun with it!!

My questions to you:

  1. Who are you and what is your blog about?
  2. What do you enjoy in working with your blog?
  3. What did you feel after your very first blog post?
  4. Do you check your emails often? Can you even without the internet?
  5. Where is your next trip going to?
  6. Do you speak more than one language? Yes? How often do you use it?
  7. What or who inspires you in your lifeß
  8. Do you have a favorite post?
  9. Does your family and do your friends know about your blog? Do they read it?
  10. What was the craziest thing you’ve done?
  11. When and how are you most creative?

(Of course, you are allowed to “change” these questions 😉 )

the “rules”

– link to the blog who nominated you on your blog post

– answer the questions asked you

– nominate your favorite blog

– choose eleven new questions

– inform your favorite bloggers about the fact that you have nominated them

By the way: If you want to learn more about this award and its history, have a look to the blog of Alice Scheerer. (in German)

Kram och hej, Ann.



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